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Brisbane Private Hospital – Damascus Health Services


259 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill, Queensland, Australia

Intake number

07 3834 6510

Freecall number

07 3834 6475

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Intake opening hours

Monday to Friday 7:00am - 3:30pm

About Damascus Health Services

Damascus Health Services operates within Brisbane Private Hospital: a specialist medical and surgical service that specialises in orthopedics, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and neurosurgery. Damascus Health Services provides detoxification and therapeutic treatment for patients with alcohol and/or prescribed and over-the-counter drug problems. Services are provided in a private hospital setting


    Inpatient services: withdrawal management and rehabilitation.

    Follow up programme: aims to offer ongoing support to patients after discharge to stay abstinent as they face their ‘real’ world and those people who are part of their ongoing life. Group sessions are offered Monday- Saturday  starting at 8:30am.


    Fortnightly family/significant other mornings: aim to bring together patients and their support people to learn about information and education on substance dependence and how to support family/important members who are dependent on substances. This is held once every two weeks on a Thursday from 9:00am to Midday.


    Relapse prevention program: helps patient to address barriers to progress and develop knowledge, skills and confidence in addressing potential triggers of relapse and high risk factors.


    The Couple’s program: aims to assist couples stabilise abstinence and their marital and family relationships. Patients must be substance-free before participating. All patients are breathalysed on entry to the clinic.


    Therapeutic programme: provides helpful information as well as support and advice about how to address problems with alcohol or prescription drug misuse, for the rest of a patient’s life. It aims to help patients manage their emotions and thoughts, make healthy choices, improve their relationships and find meaning in their lives.


    Other treatment services:

    • 24 hour telephone hotline for any patients who are struggling
    • Brief intervention in smoking cessation
    • Celebration day
    • Dietitian
    • Full medical/surgical backup
    • Physiotherapy
    • Pre-planned telephone follow up by nursing staff for six months following discharge
    • Social worker

    Intake, assessment and referral

    Referrals can only be done by a healthcare provider either via phone or online on http://www.brisbaneprivatehospital.com.au/index.php/doctors/ereferrals-rehab

    Hospital and Health Service Region

    Metro North

    Primary Health Network region

    Brisbane North

    Age range

    18+ years

    Treatment type

    Psychosocial intervention (e.g. counselling), Residential treatment (e.g. rehabilitation), Medication assisted treatment (e.g. opioid substitution therapy), Withdrawal management (detoxification)

    Medication exclusions

    No medication exclusions

    Smoking permitted

    No, Nicotine replacement therapy offered

    Phones permitted



    Set rate; private health insurance or obtain a quote through Damascus health services

    Close to public transport


    Family / children access


    Interpreter access



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