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Anglicare North Queensland – Lyons Street Diversionary Service (Cairns)


53 – 59 Lyons St, Cairns

Intake number

07 4046 8082

Fax number

07 4035 3822

Intake email




Intake opening hours

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

About Anglicare North Queensland

Anglicare NQ delivers a range of programs offering support for AOD, diversionary care, homelessness, youth and mental health in the Cairns, Mt Isa and Mackay Whitsunday regions. Anglicare NQ also offers services for carers, who provide support to adults or children with mental health issues, through respite programs.


The Diversionary Centre supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 18 years and over, or aged 17  years and over if referred by the Queensland Police Service, who are at risk of being taken into custody for public intoxication offences.

The Centre is a sobering up facility for intoxicated individuals who are at risk of being a danger to themselves or others, are causing a public nuisance, or who would otherwise be detained at the Cairns Watch-House. The Centre provides a safe and culturally appropriate sobering up facility where clients are provided with supervision (half hourly observations), care, companionship and support. While individuals are in the centre they are provided with meals and access to personal hygiene and laundry facilities.

The Diversionary Centre staff provides an assisted referral process to appropriate agencies, as well as assisting clients to attend medical and court appointments by arranging transport and/or referral to support agencies.

While the target group does not include non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, those who meet the criteria above may also be provided with a service. At any time no more than 25% of the clients at the Diversionary Centre will be non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Intake, assessment and referral

People can access the Diversionary Centre by self-presentation or assistance from support services. The Centre is open 24 hours per day and clients are encouraged to stay for a minimum of four hours or until sober. The Centre accepts walk in referrals as well as referrals from the police and a range of other services and agencies in the community.The Centre also provides a client pick-up service at various locations around the city in response to referral requests.

Hospital and Health Service Region

Cairns and Hinterland

Primary Health Network region

Northern Queensland

Age range

18+ years

Treatment type

Harm reduction (e.g. needle and syringe programs)

Smoking permitted


Phones permitted




Family / children access