Good Nutrition in AOD Recovery: Online learning + Quick ‘n Easy Cooking Guide

QNADA is pleased to share the Good Nutrition in Alcohol and Other Drug Recovery resources, which are made up of a recipe guide and an interactive online learning package, aimed at building service user capacity to have a healthier recovery. QNADA developed the resources following conversations with alcohol and other drugs services which pointed out the ways nutrition can lose importance for clients in the context of other recovery priorities. As the resources point out, good nutrition is an important component of recovery because it directly relates to mood and can influence substance cravings.

The guide and training module also provide information about the overlap between nutrition, brain, and body function during recovery, and how certain foods can help support recovery by providing the building blocks for serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. The guide uses a motivational approach to have clients weigh up the potential costs and benefits of their current food routine and changing it to a new one.

It provides some simple, budget friendly, and easy to follow recipe suggestions that provide a starting point for cooking some tasty meals.

We hope this guide will help to make focussing on nutrition easier for both workers and clients.

Access the online learning here, or download the resources here.

Posted to Announcements on Tue 2 2022