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Fee for Service

QNADA is pleased to be able to offer a range of fee for service activities with members, as well as non-members in the not for profit and corporate sectors.

Fees will vary, depending on the type of work being undertaken and whether the organisation is a QNADA member. Among other things, you could engage QNADA on a fee for service basis for:

  • Facilitating workshops on a range of topics such as: 

          Policy and procedure development 
          Strategic planning
          Good governance
          Quality systems development and implementation
          Information sessions for community groups

  • Gap assessments against recognised standards (eg ISO, QIC, etc.)
  • Internal Audit
  • Submission writing
  • Program/Project evaluation

There may be a range of other activities your organisation would like assistance with. Call Rebecca on (07) 3023 5050 or send an email to to discuss how QNADA might be able to assist you.