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National Minimum Data Set (NMDS)

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) manages the NMDS, the national data collection for services that provide a range of treatment services for clients with drug and alcohol dependencies. It was created to assist in the monitoring and evaluation of key objectives of the National Drug Strategy.

There are significant benefits in continuing to expand the NGO contribution to the NMDS. The NMDS is one of the primary sources for capturing the extent of AOD services (government and non-government) delivered in Queensland (which we know is probably under-reported) and combined with the National Drug Strategy Household Survey paints a picture of emerging trends and their impact on service delivery. You can view the AOD NMDS here.

It is likely that your service contracts with the Department of Health (QLD) and/or the Department of Health and Ageing now require your service to contribute to the NMDS.

Whether or not your service utilises CADDS, QNADA is funded by the Department of Health (QLD) to collate the NMDS for those member agencies required to contribute. Email us at to find out more.